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French Bridge quarry

Pont des Français – 98809 MONT DORE
BP 1743 – 98874 MONT DORE
Tel : (+33) 687 43 20 32
Fax : (+33) 687 43 20 90


Located more than 20,000 kilometers from the headquarters, New Caledonia is one of our oldest Overseas branches (1972).

Equipped with a production capacity of 600,000 tons/year, EAP offers coverage to the entire territory thanks to its 3 quarries.

French bridge quarry

In operation since 1977, this quarry at the outskirts of the city produces basaltic materials for the needs of Nouméa.

  • (NF-BPE certified) plants, completely automated to ensure continuous quality
  • Ongoing monitoring ensured by an NF certified laboratory
  • Geo-localization of trucks and tracking of all deliveries
Quarry of Creek Aymes

It too has been in operation since 1977. It is a limestone quarry, serving the center of the island.

Quarry of Paita

Since 2010, this sandstone quarry produces 300 tons/hour meeting the needs of grand Nouméa.


    Our philosophy

    Four generations of men and women have succeeded each other at Audemard, always with the same entrepreneurial passion.

    Learn more about AUDEMARD’s subsidiaries in New Caledonia, including EANC & EAP

    Based in New Caledonia, Entreprise Audemard Pacifique (EAP) is a member of the AUDEMARD Group. It extracts basalt, limestone, sandstone, and peridotite from four quarries, operating the Pont des Français and Creek Aymes Quarries since 1977, Païta Quarry since 2010 as well as Koumac Quarry, which is located 360 km from Nouméa. Accordingly, EAP offers coverage for the entire territory, as well as having access to mobile crushing units and two explosives depots. As such, EAP has everything it needs to make significant production capacity available to meet your needs. AUDEMARD also presents the Entreprise Audemard Nouvelle-Calédonie (EANC), which is located at the extreme southern end of Grande Terre. EANC has operated the Mamelon Quarry since 2005, which has an impressive output of up to 400 tons/hour, with 200 tons/hour from each of its mobile facilities. When you engage AUDEMARD’s subsidiaries in New Caledonia, you’re opting for a team of passionate mining professionals, whose careers have developed and grown in line with a strong set of values. Their work is built on transparency and socially responsible activities, meeting their commitments and taking others’ needs into consideration. Make sure you learn more about what they do by visiting our website.