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LBN has been producing “ready-mixed” concrete for more than 30 years.

  • It is the only local independent company in its sector
  • More than 100,000 m3 of concrete produced per year
  • 3 facilities: Nice East, Nice West and Carros
  • Our mission: to provide our clients with the best quality product and service


In recent years, LBN has focused on making its processes as environmentally-friendly as possible:

  • Siding of facilities
  • Dust suction and filtration system
  • Comprehensive recycling of concrete returns and process water


  • Plants (NF-BPE certified) completely automated to ensure continuous quality
  • Ongoing monitoring ensured by an NF-certified laboratory
  • Geo-localization of trucks and tracking of all deliveries


  • Full range of structural concrete compliant with NF EN 206-01 standards
  • BETONLINE range – special concrete developed to be perfectly customized for various uses: roads, flowable, decorative…


  • Direct transfer of concrete from the truck to the work site via pressurized piping
  • 2 types of pump:
    • “Pipe” delivery for sites that are difficult to access (urban setting, road with tonnage restrictions …)
    • Direct transfer “by jib crane” without use of piping

Pumping is advantageous in several ways:

  • It is easy and fast to implement
  • It requires less manpower and involves fewer work-related difficulties
  • High-quality execution


Fleet of mixer trucks suited to the tonnage limits (19.26 or 32 tons)


    Our philosophy

    Four generations of men and women have succeeded each other at Audemard, always with the same entrepreneurial passion.

    LBN, the ready-mixed concrete specialist in the Alpes Maritimes Region

    LBN Nice is a member of the AUDEMARD group, specializing in manufacturing ready-mixed concrete throughout the world, alongside aggregate production, operating landfill sites and inert materials recycling. The only local, independent company in its sector, LBN Nice has been producing ready-mixed concrete for over 30 years. It has two plants in East Nice and West Nice and another facility in Carros. The company’s mission is to provide its products to customers while ensuring high standards of service. How is ready-mix concrete manufactured at LBN? Firstly, we transport and discharge the aggregates into the receiving hopper using a semi-trailer. The aggregates are transported and stored in hoppers or in a compartmentalized silo. We then weigh them, before transferring them into the mixer. Meanwhile, the cement is delivered in a tanker truck and stored in watertight, filtered silos. LBN then uses a cement mixer for ready-mix concrete to blend the cement, aggregate and the water to obtain a smooth and even mix. We can also introduce further additives into the mix to adjust the properties of the concrete, such as setting retardants or accelerants or to adjust the viscosity of the mix. Les Bétons Niçois (LBN) puts its acknowledged expertise and long-term experience to use in serving you by manufacturing the best ready-mix concrete for your needs. Indeed, our laboratory performs a variety of tests on the finished concrete product to provide continuous quality control. These tests are performed throughout the manufacturing process by LBN and our other affiliates, including BETONPAC in New Caledonia and SGRB in French Guiana, etc.