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Since 2009, in the SAINT ESPRIT commune, MADININA BETON is the only Ready-Mixed Concrete Manufacturer in Martinique to offer clients its expertise in the three fields involving Ready-Mixed Concrete:

  • Concrete manufacturing
  • Transportation of raw materials and concrete
  • Execution via concrete pumping

MADININA BETON wanted to quickly set itself apart based on the excellence of its products. NF-BPE certified, MADININA BETON is committed to only using hard rock gravels to make concrete. Located 3 km from the SMDG quarry, MADININA BETON’s environmental footprint is considerably reduced and optimized. Environmental friendliness also translates to the implementation of adapted industrial equipment:

  • Facility siding
  • Dust suction and filtration system
  • Recycling of concrete returns and industrial water

MADININA BETON wishes to work in close collaboration with its clients with: (NF-BPE certified) plants, completely automated to ensure continuous quality

  • SAINT ESPRIT on-site client reception area
  • Customized delivery scheduling to provide you with the fastest possible service
  • Preliminary construction site visits with 2 travelling consultants, able to determine the best-suited resources needed for the success of your construction projects
  • Regular visits throughout the duration of your construction project
  • Full range of structural concrete compliant with the NF EN 206-01 standard and NF-certified
  • Specific range of concrete adapted to construction sites and the chosen implementation methods
  • Quality service capable of designing concrete that meets your construction site’s performance needs

First profession of the founder of MADININA BETON, pumping enables the rapid and effective use of concrete, without affecting the quality. With 8 mixer pumps and 2 concrete pumps, we provide you with the option of choosing the best-suited materials for your construction site. By choosing pumped concrete, you will be able to devote the time you saved to:

  • Improving the finishes on your project
  • Devoting your time to curing your concrete thereby increasing your construction’s lifespan

With a fleet of 18 mixer trucks and a centralized location in the southern half of Martinique, MADININA BETON can easily provide you with ready-mixed concrete in the heart of your construction sites

Regardless of the amount of concrete to be delivered or your chosen delivery time, we can offer you the delivery solution that meets the needs and parameters of your construction site.



    Four generations of men and women have succeeded each other at Audemard, always with the same entrepreneurial passion.