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Quarry in La Turbie

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The company SOCAT participates as operator of the recovery of inert material originating from public works and civil engineering sites through backfilling on the site of the Cruelle quarry.


Inert materials pursuant to decree dated December 12, 2014. Soil, soil materials, stones (non-polluted and free of all other materials).


Metal scrap, household waste, plastic, tires, wood, plant matter, plaster, chemical products, etc.


Each construction site is subject to a mandatory admission record specifying the origin, nature and quantity of waste.

Upon each delivery, the loads are inspected to ensure compliance. Loads contaminated with prohibited materials are systematically refused.


Since 2008, the company, SOCAT, is involved in the Environmental Charter of Quarry Industries, whose 3 commitments are:

  • Limiting environmental impact
  • Implementation of constructive cooperation
  • Development of a competent environmental


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    Are you looking for a backfill company in La Turbie? Learn more about SOCAT

    SOCAT is a member of the AUDEMARD Group, which is a specialist in ready-mix concrete manufacturing worldwide as well as producing aggregates, operating landfill sites and recycling inert materials. SOCAT is the AUDEMARD solution that provides environmental solutions in the South of France around three core areas: site reclamation, operating landfill sites for inert materials, and recycling and deriving value from construction waste. Choose a business that has extensive investments in sustainable development: choose SCOAT. Indeed, this specialist AUDEMARD subsidiary, which offers backfill solutions in La Turbie, has been committed to the Quarrying Industries Environmental Charter since 2008. As such, it commits to managing its environmental impact, implementing constructive dialog and developing its environmental capabilities. AUDEMARD is conscious of the fact that its business activities in the manufacture of aggregates and concrete can have negative consequences for our environment: nevertheless, it is entirely possible to be aware of our customers’ needs (with seven tons of aggregates per year in industrialized countries) while remaining a socially responsible business. Learn about landfill activities in La Turbie from SOCAT. Would you like to make use of SOCAT in La Turbie for a landfill service? The company is not able to accept all products and, the company’s expertise only deals with earth, excavated materials, and stone. Clearly, it is essential to ensure that none of these products are polluted or combined with other materials. As such, we do not deal with scrap metal, plastics, plant material, plaster, chemicals, or demolition concrete, etc. Visit our website now to learn more about SOCAT’s activities in La Turbie. If you’d like to find out more about AUDEMARD’s business in the Alpes Maritimes region, you can also learn about SOMAT in La Turbie and LBN in Nice and Carros.