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Quarry of Manéah

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The Manéah quarry is located 45 km from Conakry. The output of the granite deposit is estimated at more than 10 years of production. It supplies building construction sites and the roads of Grand Conakry as well as concrete block manufacturers with aggregates and rockfills.


Its production capacity is 400,000 tons/year. It has a complete crushing unit, the peripheral material necessary for drilling and mining, loading/transport and energy production.

A retro excavator sorts the rocks from the rough granite collected from blasting and loads them into the dumper;

A wheel loader ensures client loading from stocks of finished products (sand and chippings)


Its ancillary facilities include offices, workshops, scales, cafeterias and an accommodation area

In operation since 1982, SOMIAG has been equipped, with a mobile crushing facility of 200 tons/hour since the 1990s in the country’s central region to enable the construction development needs for roadways, and another has supplied 600,000 tons of ballast for the Compagnie des Bauxites de Guinée on the SANGAREDI site.


    Our philosophy

    Four generations of men and women have succeeded each other at Audemard, always with the same entrepreneurial passion.

    AUDEMARD subsidiary SOMIAG announces its Guinea quarry

    Located in Manéah, Guinea, the AUDEMARD subsidiary SOMIAG has been producing aggregates and rip-rap for more than 10 years. 45 km from Conakry, SOMIAG is a supplier to Grand Conakry building sites and roads, to manufacturers of concrete blocks, to the Compagnie des Bauxites de Guinée, etc. But why choose this AUDEMARD subsidiary for your Guinea projects? AUDEMARD is committed to continually improving the quality of its products by complying with the various European and French standards applicable to all materials destined for use in public projects, civil engineering or construction which, before being marketed, must be certified compliant with these standards.

    In addition, in our Guinea quarry, as well as in our other quarries (SMDGSADGSOMAT ...), we dedicate ourselves to sustainable development as a matter of course. We develop and improve good environmental practices for our industrial units including measurement of noise, treatment of water, creation of landscaping, dust collectors, etc. Indeed, our vast experience and renowned know-how give us an awareness of the impact that our activity can have on the environment. We are therefore working hard to reduce our ecological footprint. Our Guinea quarry activities, as well as those of our other quarries such as SMDG, SADG… involve the operational managers in our teams acting with consideration for the environment and reinforcing communication with local residents.